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Wrike is fun to use, quick-loading and easy to input your data." - Stephen Smith, writer, Productivity and Web 2.0.

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Published by Eliza Walsh | Tuesday, 29 July, 2014
At Wrike, we are obsessed with building the best tools to make your workday easier and more productive. Today, we're thrilled to roll out a set of new features to everyone in an update we call “WorkFlow.” WorkFlow features are designed to support you in a continuous flow of "getting work done."  Read more...
Published by Lionel Valdellon | Tuesday, 10 June, 2014
We're honored to announce that Wrike has been named as one of the first Google Apps Authorized Technology Partners. This will enhance our presence in the Google Apps Marketplace. In addition, as Authorized Technology Partners, we'll receive a range of product/technical, marketing, sales, program, relationship, and support benefits from Google. These benefits will ultimately help us provide more value to our mobile users. Read more...
Published by Emily | Tuesday, 22 April, 2014
We’re very excited to announce we have been named a 2014 Cool Vendor in Social Software and Collaboration by Gartner, Inc.!* 
Every year, leading tech research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc. highlights noteworthy "Cool Vendors” and publishes a series of reports on why these companies are innovative and unique. 
Read more...
Published by Emily | Monday, 21 April, 2014
We're back from beautiful Switzerland, where leaders from a range of industries congregated at the 2014 Geneva Health Forum to advance global health issues. It was exciting to be a part of the energy and commitment of 1,000+ attendees all dedicated to making a difference in the world. We're grateful to have been part of the action, helping to facilitate international collaboration as an official Productivity Partner. Read more...
Published by Andrew Filev | Thursday, 26 December, 2013
As 2013 approaches its end and the holiday season begins in earnest, it’s a great time to look back and evaluate all the important events that this year brought us.

Buckle up for an exciting ride in Wrike’s time machine! Read more...
Published by Andrew Filev | Tuesday, 17 December, 2013
Today thousands of diverse organizations, including dozens of Fortune 1000 companies, use Wrike to successfully manage their projects and tasks. The beauty of Wrike is that it scales up and down smoothly. In addition to dynamic start-ups that are using the software on the go, there are large enterprises managing thousands of projects in the system. Read more...
Published by Andrew Filev | Tuesday, 01 October, 2013
Customers, Partners and Friends,

I’m happy to announce that Bain Capital Ventures, one of the world’s best venture capital firms, has just invested $10M in Wrike. It’s a positive milestone, and I wanted to share why we’ve done it, and what it will allow us to accomplish.

Read more...
Published by Andrew Filev | Tuesday, 27 August, 2013
In the past couple of weeks, we were teasing you with sneak previews of the new features we had in store. But there’s a big thing that we have kept secret up until now. These were not all separate feature releases that we were putting our efforts into, but part of Wrike’s new user interface. The trumpets ring, the curtain falls… and here comes the much anticipated moment when we’re proud to introduce Wrike Graphite!

Read more...
Published by Andrew Filev | Friday, 18 January, 2013
Over 30 new features, 4 new languages, doubling the customer base, talented new team members – this is just a brief snapshot of the great things that happened at Wrike in 2012. As we’re gaining momentum on the next big part of our roadmap, I’d like to glance back at the events and achievements we had in the past year and share some highlights with you. Read more...
Published by Dasha | Thursday, 17 November, 2011
Most of us have a page on Facebook, which currently counts over 600 million users all over the globe. You might’ve heard that the secret sauce helping it scale so well is the “social graph” concept. But imagine if people got connected not as individuals, but as workers with their units of work. And, just as everyone shares their personal photos, interests and news on Facebook, people collaborating among each other would share the work-related data within a “work graph.” What happens if the graph model is taken into business world, and what exactly is the work graph? Find out in a guest article by our CEO, Andrew Filev, on “The Facebook Effect: Three Ways the Social Graph Is Transforming Business Collaboration.”

In the article, Andrew highlights the lessons that the business collaboration space can learn from Facebook and discusses why the “work graph,” our own unique concept, has the potential to turn us all into project management and collaboration rock stars. We built Wrike with this vision - to connect work for thousands of people - and now we came up with this special name for our model. You can get a feel of it right now by using Wrike!