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I think it's obvious from Wrike's design that the system engineers all have project management experience. It's seems like they took our feature wish list and built a service around it." - Aaron Anderson, account strategy manager, 3rd Wave Research.

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Published by Joy | Wednesday, 16 April, 2014
Everything you need to know about project management you can learn from hockey. While hockey is simply the greatest game of all time (IMHO), it is also a wonderful teaching tool. If you can look past the pulse-pounding action and glass-shattering collisions, there is actually a lot more to it. Here are some of the key lessons hockey has taught me about project management. Read more...
Published by Wenbo | Friday, 11 April, 2014
Recently, we on the Customer Success team have been actively interviewing some of our most enthusiastic users because we wanted to learn how to improve everyone's Wrike experience. We asked them about their experiences and how they successfully adopted the software in their business. During our conversations, we found three common trends. Today, I'll introduce the first trend and share a few tips that can make your Wrike adoption process easier. Read more...
Published by Emily | Tuesday, 08 April, 2014
On March 25 we kicked off a series of "How-to" webinars designed to spotlight Wrike's individual features and help you become a productivity powerhouse. To start, we tackled a hot topic among Wrikers: using the Dashboard to organize tasks and personalize your virtual workspace.
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Published by Tim  | Wednesday, 02 April, 2014
Wouldn't your day be less stressful if your task management software sent you work reminders? Setting up a system of folders and tasks in Wrike gives you the flexibility to create a workflow where Wrike does the remembering and you do the executing. If you are responsible for building rapport like I am, I'll show you how to make the best of Wrike to keep track of contacts, clients, and business relationships.  Read more...
Published by Ashley | Monday, 31 March, 2014
When you prepare and execute the launch of a new product, service, or a website, there are so many things to take care of and details often fall through the cracks. The challenge is magnified when responsibility is shared between multiple teams and you need to coordinate them in the most succinct way. If a deadline is missed or a task is forgotten, your team can quickly disintegrate into a blame game, i.e. "I thought they were handling it!" 

To avert such miscommunications and seamlessly track all of the small pieces for your launch, Wrike comes to the rescue. One of our customers recently shared the success story of his company, which relied on Wrike for launching their new site - read further and see if this situation is familiar to your team. Read more...
Published by Tim | Thursday, 20 February, 2014
In early February, I interviewed some of our long-term customers to learn what makes them successful using Wrike.
Scott Struber, the VP/Operations of Yamanair Creative, a full-service ad agency, deployed Wrike to his team in March 2012. Scott now runs easily 80% of the business in Wrike, effortlessly collaborating with a team of 20+ spread across the country.
In my conversation with Scott, I asked "If your friend in another company or department was implementing Wrike, what advice would you give her to get up and running quickly?" His response was both insightful and helpful for any new or existing business using Wrike.
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Published by Lionel | Wednesday, 22 January, 2014
For many of you, the dashboard is the main staging ground where you track the most important tasks. And even if you prefer accessing your tasks by navigating to folders, the dashboard is still the first place you see when you log into Wrike. 
When things are moving fast, you need quick access to a particular task right from your starting point. And that's what this new feature brings. Now you can simply input the keywords and run a search right from the dashboard view.

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Published by Eugenia | Wednesday, 15 January, 2014
As the number of Wrike's new users grows everyday, we want to ensure that every new user can pick up the key functionalities and hit the ground running as swiftly as possible. After all, the faster you learn how to use Wrike, the more efficiently you can collaborate with your team on all the tasks that need to get done. 
We put together three separate Quick Guides to Wrike -- for managers, for team members, and for collaborators -- to make it incredibly easy to begin using the tool. These easy-to-read visual manuals contain screenshots and tips to help you understand Wrike’s features according to your role within the team or project.
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Published by Anne | Friday, 03 January, 2014
When it comes to managing deadlines, many teams struggle to balance between keeping to up-to-date priorities and meeting strict, non-negotiable deadlines in time. Wrike makes accurate planning possible in many ways. There are tasks with and without due dates, prioritizing, milestones, and dependencies.

And today we want to add one more helpful tip that a customer shared with us regarding managing strict and changing deadlines with the help of recurrent tasks and milestones.  Read more...
Published by Dmitry | Wednesday, 06 November, 2013
According to different productivity methodologies and techniques, staying focused on one action item at a time is key to efficient task management. With this in mind, we added the ability to open a task in full screen mode, so it’s much easier for you to concentrate on a particular task. Read more...