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When we compared Wrike's functionality and user interface with the competition, it wiped the floor with them." - Ciaran Rogers, marketing manager, UKSA.

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Published by Irene  | Friday, 23 December, 2011
Wait a moment, is it December already? It has been such a fantastic year, the time flew by so quickly.

First of all, we would like to thank all of you for choosing Wrike project management software and relying on it in managing your day-to-day project work. It is a pleasure to serve both “Wrike experts” with a rich experience of using our app and our new friends that have just recently joined Wrike’s customer community. We really appreciate your contribution through your feedback, awesome suggestions, and experience shared with other users in your case studies.

Wrike has become even smarter…
We’ve added 20+ new project management features to help you become way more productive. In 2011 we added the abilities to attach files with drag-and-drop, edit documents without downloading, view your tasks from your favorite mobile or tablet device and much more.  Many of these updates were inspired by your suggestions, so if you haven’t voiced your favorite feature yet, it’s the right time to do it!
…even faster…
As the pace of information flow increases, project management needs to be much more flexible and agile. Thanks to a slick facelift, Wrike got a friendlier look and feel, as well as an unparalleled speed boost that allows you to load and manage tons of data in just seconds whether you are running dozens, hundreds or even thousands of tasks and projects. “Thanks to Wrike, our team now completes 30% more tasks with open deadlines per month,” says William Fetter, director of marketing and communications at Hexagon Metrology.

…and you’ve wowed it!
I love the fact that Wrike hit everything in my dream list! With Wrike's help, we get vastly better results, we get more things done and done faster,” says Timothy Seward, CEO of ROI Revolution.  Thank you Tim for such nice words! We hope many of you would “+1” Timothy’s opinion ;). Your positive feedback resulted in new fantastic customer stories and podcasts discussing best practices to using Wrike and new project management methods inspired by our app.

Our achievements were also appreciated by the business community: Wrike received a Stevies award and got extensive media coverage in GigaOm, ReadWriteWeb, eWeek, AllBusinessBlog, InformationWeek, PM4Girls and more!

So what’s the bottom line? Terri Griffith from GigaOm has perfectly summarized the results:
"Complexity can be managed, work can be shared, and transparency supported — all at blazing speed." [in Wrike]

Indeed, 2011 was amazingly eventful.  However, we’ve set even higher goals for 2012 and we’re eager to achieve them.  We’d like to close this year by wishing you Happy Holidays! May the New Year make your projects even more successful and collaboration - seamless. And we at Wrike will do our best to make all your wishes for productive work come true!  
Published by Irene | Wednesday, 17 August, 2011
This is certainly the news no one will fail to notice! Combining power and elegance, we have redesigned Wrike project management software to make it amazingly fast, yet unbelievably convenient. Whether you are running dozens, hundreds or even thousands of tasks and projects, you can manage them all in a few mouse clicks. Check out this video that will walk you through the highlights of the new interface:

To test-drive the redesigned Wrike, follow this link.

Wrike is the only project management tool that allows you to view your work as a combination of task lists, backlog, spreadsheet, online Gantt charts and activity stream, all in one app. Just click on these new stylish icons at the top of the screen to switch between different views on your work and enjoy all the wide array of options in navigating your projects.

To make your work in Wrike even faster and more convenient, we also added some extremely useful features that will skyrocket your productivity:
Stay tuned and learn all the details about these fantastic new features in our upcoming posts.

Some of the updates in the new user interface were inspired by customer suggestions, so thanks a lot to all of you for your valuable feedback! Our customers who were the first to notice Wrike's slick new look have already shared their impressions with us today. "Wrike's speed and flexibility set it apart from any other project management solution I've ever seen," says Timothy Seward from ROI Revolution.

All this is just a click away! Check out the new Wrike and let us know what you think.  
Published by Valerie | Friday, 10 June, 2011
On June 6, the world's leading IT research and advisory company, Gartner, Inc., published its research note "PPM Market UNIVERSE: Techniques and Tools for Project Collaboration" by Matt Light. Reviewing the most efficient methods and applications for online collaboration, Gartner included Wrike in its research as a project collaboration workspace application. Well done, Wrike! 

A lot of our customers deal with remote collaboration, and their experience shows that, even if peers are separated by miles and time zones, with Wrike project management software they can smoothly collaborate and get things done together just as efficiently as if they were sitting in the same office. We have designed Wrike so that it connects people and their work from all corners of the world into one friendly and easy-to-navigate work hub.  "The way the data automatically flows into Wrike's workspace keeps us all organized because we always know where to find the info that we need, and I don't need to spend time and effort on communicating the plan updates to the team members," comments Maciej Janiec, CEO at inlevel, who successfully manages a virtual team of more than 20 people with Wrike's help.

It's impossible to underestimate the importance and scope of remote collaboration. We hope that day-by-day, more teams will be able to elegantly handle the challenges of virtual collaboration with the help of Wrike's social project management features, just like inlevel does.

Is virtual collaboration a common thing for your company? Do you have your own special tips for handling the challenges of working in distributed teams? We'd be happy to hear about your experience.
Published by Dasha | Thursday, 30 December, 2010
This has been a very eventful year for Wrike project management software, and before we step into 2011, we’d like to glance back at all good that happened in 2010 and sum it up.

The biggest milestone we reached in 2010 is the launch of Wrike’s new, social version. The months of hard work and lots of effort that we put into this release have resulted in making Wrike project management software as friendly and easy to use as a social network. A brilliant new interface, activity streams and built-in microblogging, interactive dashboard, handy backlog and many other powerful features have been introduced in the new version to give an extra productivity boost to you and your team. On the heels of the social version release we enhanced Wrike with table view for fast task editing, a new image viewer for convenient work with visual graphics and more helpful updates.

In 2010, we’ve greatly extended Wrike’s integration capabilities. Collaborative document management has become quick and easy, thanks to Wrike’s integration with Google Docs. Also, Wrike has become the first project management solution to integrate with Google Wave. Finally, a few weeks ago, we unveiled Wrike’s development platform, which gives your development team an opportunity to integrate Wrike with other software you use.

We’ve been happy to hear the positive feedback on the updates from our customers. Enthusiastic reviews, such as “Wrike has been the most productive tool we’ve added to our arsenal,” “Wrike has become an irreplaceable tool we rely on,” and many others are worth the sleepless nights we dedicated to making Wrike as helpful and efficient as it is today. You can learn more about other users’ experiences with Wrike in the success stories. This year, we published quite a few new interviews!

Our accomplishments also have received positive reviews from influential media. Wrike has been covered in TechCrunch, Computerworld, eWeek, Venturebeat, GigaOM and many other blogs. Also, Wrike was honored as the tool of the month by the Clever Tester network, one of the largest independent software testing resources on the Web, which testified that Wrike is a great match for the needs of software development and quality assurance teams.

We’d like to thank you all for your business and your loyalty to Wrike. We highly appreciate your opinion and try to address your needs with every release. If you ever have comments, ideas or feature suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact us at In 2011, we’ll keep working on making Wrike the best project management and collaboration software that exceeds your expectations! Wrike’s team wishes you and your family Happy Holidays! See you in 2011!
Published by Dasha | Thursday, 28 October, 2010

We already released a preview of what the new Wrike will be like in the series of posts about the beta version. Now, welcome the full new version in its full glory! The new Wrike merges advanced project management functionality with social network-like interactivity and ease of use. During the development of the new Wrike, we redefined our approach to the usability design, which helped us to create a social network-like friendly and effective solution. Wrike’s innovative interface and enhanced collaboration platform will help you to boost the productivity of every member of your team like never before!

“We paid particularly close attention to our customers’ needs while developing Wrike’s new version. The opinions of those who use Wrike are always a top priority for us, although this time it was more important than ever, since we wanted Wrike to be as attractive and easy to use as everyone’s favorite social networks. We provide a project management solution that is designed to help our customers improve their collaboration and productivity, but we couldn’t have made Wrike the way it is without their help! Thanks to everyone who helped us with the feedback!” says Andrew Filev, CEO of

Here is a list of the most notable innovations of Wrike Social:

Wrike’s new interface

In Wrike Social, we introduced a new innovative 3-pane layout, which gives you access to more information on your screen. You can easily navigate through your folders, see full task lists and details for individual tasks and folders, all on one screen! Thanks to this innovation, you don’t have to lose time and focus while switching between different pages and windows.

Profile pictures

Wrike’s new interface also includes avatars to bring extra social network-like friendliness to your workspace. Personal pictures bring online communication a step forward and allow people to identify the author of a task, or who the task is shared with, etc., with just a quick glance at the workspace.

Interactive dashboard

Wrike Social has a new dashboard, which gives every member of your team an unparalleled visibility of where they stand at any point in time. This easily customizable tool shows information about scheduled, overdue and backlogged tasks, and also provides the news about the most recent activities of your teammates. With such a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool, task management becomes easier than ever!

Activity stream and microblogging feature

Wrike’s Activity Stream is a powerful project management tool that provides a news feed about the most recent activity in real time, which makes sure that everyone stays in the loop and has easy access to the latest information.  It also allows people to exchange short messages, giving them the ability to hold informal discussions within the same workspace.

Also, in addition to comments, every task in the new Wrike also has an activity stream for that particular task built in. Everyone can see the full history of changes and therefore has greater control over the workflow.


In the new version of Wrike, we introduced backlogged tasks. The ability to manage tasks with no fixed start dates and due dates allows you to easily store and keep valuable ideas and make sure that they are not lost in the workflow. You can set tasks as backlogged and come back to them and schedule in the future, or just use them to accumulate project ideas or other information.

Prioritizing and customizable search

In the new Wrike, you can customize your search and filter criteria. This allows you to build task lists with only those tasks that you want to see, sorting and filtering them by nearly every possible detail. Most importantly, you are now able to sort your tasks by priority, rearranging them with a simple drag-and-drop function. People are now able to arrange tasks as needed and focus on what is most important.

This is a just a highlight of the most notable features of the new version of Wrike. Read more detailed descriptions of those features in our other posts and discover how Wrike’s features work in detail in our help section. To learn more about the benefits brought to project management by the new Wrike, you can read our official press release and watch this great overview video:

We never stop moving Wrike forward, and we keep introducing new project management features, as well as making the existing ones better. Wrike’s new version is not a finishing point, but a step forward. We keep improving project collaboration, helping teams to be more efficient, and making project management software easy and comfortable to use.

Published by Daria | Wednesday, 12 May, 2010
We promised you the big news, so here it is. The last week was marked by several very special events. First, we participated in the Web 2.0 Expo San Francisco, the biggest and the most popular conference in our industry, and had fantastic success there. Second, we are proud to let you know that our news was published on Yet the most important thing last week was the spectacular unveiling of Wrike’s new version, which was released in beta.

The new Wrike is here, and it will redefine your project management and collaboration experience. With this new release, your favorite project management software is turned into a top-notch, e-mail-integrated, real-time project collaboration and productivity solution. We totally rethought the user interface and added several very simple, but incredibly powerful, features that will turn your team into project productivity rock stars.
Here are the highlights of the newest and best ways to manage your projects via e-mail and the Web:

Faster Performance, Clean and Intuitive User Interface  
The new Wrike is designed for speed and productivity. Every action — like creating a task or a project, assigning it to a team member, sharing project data with a team, or attaching a file — is done in a click or two. The new streamlined interface was developed based on extensive usability studies and deep analysis of Wrike users’ feedback. We want to thank all of you who shared your thoughts and ideas on how we can make Wrike a better solution.

Unparalleled Personal and Team Productivity
We enhanced the dashboard and turned it into a powerful, yet extremely easy to use, personal productivity tool. Upon opening the dashboard, you immediately see what you should be working on today and get real-time updates from your team members. From now on, it will be amazingly easy to coordinate the work of your team and closely follow the progress of multiple projects.

wrike dashboard

Social Project Management
Wrike’s new version takes the best of social networking and applies it to project management to maximize the productivity of your whole team. We introduced avatars to bring a visual experience to your team’s online interactions and emphasize the social part of your teamwork. We believe that, thanks to this feature, your project management platform becomes more engaging, which unquestionably results in growing efficiency in your project collaboration. Avatars also make your online workplace much friendlier and fun to use.

task view avatars

Real-Time Insight into Projects
The new Wrike gives you an ability to simultaneously see your tasks and projects compiled in a list and visualized on a Gantt chart for project planning. The list view provides you with the most important details about any particular task, including due dates, task duration and the people responsible for it. The Gantt chart pane visualizes all of the team’s changes to project plans in real time. The new timeline is the best way to get a 1,000-foot overview of your projects and your whole business.

These are just the highlights of the changes you’ll experience in the new version. We plan to write more about each of the new features and tell you how you can use them to maximize your team’s productivity. The best news is that you are able to check the elegant new design and test-drive the cool new features right now! Simply log in to the beta and explore the new Wrike.

You know that “your feedback is important” is not just a polite phrase to us. We’re building this app for thousands of our users, and every one of you has the power to make Wrike suit your needs better by sharing your opinion about the product with us. E-mail with your comments and suggestions.
Published by Daria | Monday, 28 December, 2009

This year is coming to an end, and now it's high time to review the accomplishments we had.

First of all, we're happy to let you know that this year brought us numerous new users! Some of them agreed to share their Wrike experience with us. As a result, we published quite a few new customer success stories, including interviews with:

We hope that we'll be able to publish a case study with you next year. Ready to share your story already? Contact us at, and we'll be happy to put it out. By the way, here's a very inspiring SlideShare case study presentation by one of our customers, SayitRight Marketing Solutions. We hope that this slide deck will push you to share your online collaboration and project management best practices with the world.

In 2009, we continued to lead the web-based project management space with our Intelligent Email EngineTM (smart email integration), which remains the most advanced among project management software solutions. Despite this fact, we never stop innovating in this and other areas. This year has been remarkable in terms of development achievements and new feature releases. Let us innumerate the most important of them:

  • new user management engine: allowed you to create your own cost-effective mix of user licenses in your account;
  • email-integrated task discussions: let you add comments to task by simply emailing them to Wrike, and  made Wrike's email integration even more robust and universal;
  • Outlook add-in: made it easy for you to synchronize your emails marked for follow-up and tasks in your Outlook and Wrike accounts;
  • WinMobile app: made Wrike's tasks accessible from your smart phone;
  • intraday tasks: allowed you to build a more precise schedule by creating tasks that start and are estimated to be completed on the same day;
  • recurring tasks: simplified scheduling of tasks that occur every day, week, month or year for you.

Wrike also was enhanced with 535 "small things," like handy shortcuts, version tracking for files, improvements in task management and daily to-do emails, as well as many other useful features that make you more productive in your day-to-day jobs.

The last, but definitely not least, we delivered Wrike Simple Projects, a productivity application for the My Yahoo! platform.

So the past year brought us a lot of exciting events that couldn't have happened without you. You, our valued customers, continuously inspired us to improve the service and make it an even better solution for your business productivity.

Now, what should you expect from Wrike in the year 2010? Even more amazing news, of course!

We're thrilled to share some of our development plans with you.  The beginning of the next year will be packed with new feature releases. We're currently working on delivering an iPhone app and Google Docs integration. Want even more? You'll get it! Our development roadmap also includes a new user interface, resource management, budgeting, microblogging, BlackBerry and G1 plug-ins and lots of other productivity and management features that will make your team even more efficient.

In addition, we plan to localize Wrike to more than 10 languages! This year, we released the Spanish version of our project management software. German and French versions are next on our list.

We'd like to underline here that our development plans change over time, as they greatly depend on your feedback and suggestions. Your opinion and requests are always welcome in the comments to this blog and at

We wish you and your family a happy, safe and restful holiday season! Your success is our success, and we hope to continue to build our partnership throughout 2010 and the future.

Published by Valerie | Monday, 12 October, 2009
If you were you waiting for the release of Wrike’s interface in Spanish, you will be pleased with the latest updates. Since today, it becomes more convenient for you, as well as your Spanish-speaking team members, clients and partners to collaborate on projects with the help of Wrike. 

To make your experience as pleasant as possible, we made our best to carefully translate Wrike’s workspace, notifications, alerts and help pages. We believe that the possibility to work in the Spanish interface will make your work with Wrike even more enjoyable. Also, it will let you invite more Spanish speaking peers to collaborate with you on Wrike.

“It is very exciting to launch the first localized version of Wrike,” said Nic Bryson, VP of Customer Relations. “With plans for more languages in the future, such as German, French, Portuguese, and Italian, we started with Spanish, the one most called-for by our users. We value our Spanish-speaking customers who have been using Wrike in English to date. We believe that they, as well new Spanish-speaking users, will be pleased with the convenience of using Wrike in their native language.”

How can I see Wrike in Spanish? Visit or, have Spanish as a high priority language in your Web browser:

If you are happy with the release as we are, a tweet or a short blog post about it will become a great “thank you” for our efforts to deliver the Spanish version to you:) Thank you for continuous support and using Wrike’s English version!

Want to see Wrike in your language? Let us know in the comments to this post. Your vote counts!

Published by Daria | Wednesday, 09 September, 2009
Worried that marketing through social media is taking up too much of your time? It’s a reasonable concern. Living in the world of social media means you spend hours on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg and others. It’s very easy to lose sense of time while browsing blogs and newsfeeds.

Well then, how do social media gurus manage to be productive and get things done right on time? They have their own productivity tools and techniques that help them stay efficient in this vibrant environment. The good news is that social media professionals don’t mind sharing their tips. For example, one of them, a popular social media marketing expert and coach, Laura Roeder, told us what helps her stay on top of multiple projects and effectively collaborate with her team members.

“Getting things done fast is perhaps the most important skill you can have to make your business move forward,” says Laura. “The flexibility of Wrike project management software allows us to be super-productive, and it helps our own business grow rapidly.” Read the full story and find out how Laura’s social media marketing team benefits from Wrike’s unique features.
Published by Daria  | Wednesday, 29 July, 2009
We’re excited to announce the release of Wrike Simple Projects, the first free, real-time project collaboration tool built on Yahoo!’s Open Apps platform, on July 24.

Wrike Simple Projects will become part of Yahoo! users’ everyday experience and the first project collaboration tool available from the customizable My Yahoo! web page. Anyone who has a Yahoo! account will be able to easily create and assign tasks, organize tasks in projects and invite people to work on projects together. Still the most exciting thing about Wrike Simple Projects is that it is the first My Yahoo! app that lets users keep track of changes made in projects by their friends. Thanks to the ability to see who created, edited, reassigned and completed tasks in real time, they can always stay in the loop.

Saving time and making people all over the world more productive while collaborating on projects is a part of Wrike’s mission. We developed the free Wrike Simple Projects specifically for Yahoo! to help millions of people become more efficient in working together on everyday projects like moving, planning a wedding or trip, studying, etc.

It’s worth mentioning that Wrike Simple Projects will not sync with Wrike’s original version and will not offer Wrike’s unique and patent-pending features, such as the Intelligent Email Engine, Dynamic Timeline, or our Flexible Structures. People who are interested in these and other substantial collaboration and project management features will be invited to join our customer community and sign up for Wrike at