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I would say it's a GREAT INTERFACE - smooth, easy to use." - Meade Rubenstein, itprojectguide.

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Published by Ashley | Thursday, 22 May, 2014
Wrike has gotten some great new updates to email notifications lately, and we've extended that to our Wrike app for Android™. Enable push notifications for Wrike on your Android device to be instantly notified of task changes. You'll never lose track of project progress. Read more...
Published by Ashley | Wednesday, 07 May, 2014
Love staying on top of task updates, but wondering how to tailor your email notifications for specific changes in the tasks you follow? Now you can change your email notification settings to suit your individual needs and monitor only the updates you care about. Read more...
Published by Lionel | Monday, 05 May, 2014
When editing multiple tasks at once, the Mass Action tool is a practical timesaver. It allows you to quickly change tasks: mark them completed, set them as backlogged, tag them, move them to a different folder, reassign them, reschedule them, or delete them. And now the mass-action panel has been updated with new options to save you even more time in your day-to-day task management. Read more...
Published by Wenbo | Friday, 11 April, 2014
Recently, Wrike's Customer Success team have been actively interviewing some of our most enthusiastic users because we wanted to learn how to improve everyone's Wrike experience. We asked them about their experiences and how they successfully adopted the software in their business. During our conversations, we found three common trends. Today, I'll introduce the first trend and share a few tips that can make your Wrike adoption process easier. Read more...
Published by Ashley | Monday, 31 March, 2014
When you prepare and execute the launch of a new product, service, or a website, there are so many things to take care of and details often fall through the cracks. The challenge is magnified when responsibility is shared between multiple teams and you need to coordinate them in the most succinct way. If a deadline is missed or a task is forgotten, your team can quickly disintegrate into a blame game, i.e. "I thought they were handling it!" 

To avert such miscommunications and seamlessly track all of the small pieces for your launch, Wrike comes to the rescue. One of our customers recently shared the success story of his company, which relied on Wrike for launching their new site - read further and see if this situation is familiar to your team. Read more...
Published by Emily | Friday, 28 March, 2014
The @mention feature has been at your service to facilitate collaboration for quite a while already. In addition to mentioning particular users in task and project comments, recently we implemented the ability to do the same with tasks and folders. We’re taking another step to enhance this useful social feature: now, you can mention whole user groups in your work discussions. Read more...
Published by Lionel | Monday, 17 March, 2014
In certain cases, you might need to share a task or a folder with the entire organization -- for example: a task like "Vote where you want to hold the Holiday Party" or the folder for "New Hire Onboarding." And if you've ever done it, you know that it previously took multiple clicks.
Well, rest easy. We've implemented a faster way to share a task or folder with your entire team: the My Team group. 
Read more...
Published by Ashley | Monday, 17 February, 2014
The employee mention feature within task comments has existed in Wrike for a while, and now we've added some great new functionality to spice up your sharing. Previously, you could call a specific coworker to attention using @TeammateName. Now, you can also take advantage of "@mention" with folders and tasks for easy sharing! Read more...
Published by Daria | Wednesday, 14 April, 2010

Ok, this is a very simple feature, but we know that it will bring some of you a substantial productivity gain. Wrike gives you the opportunity to collaborate on your project-related files online directly from your workspace and without attachments. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome online document management in Wrike’s award-winning project management software with Google Docs built-in!

Starting on April 14, those of you who have a Google account will be able to create and automatically share online documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly from your Wrike workspace. If you are already familiar with Google Docs, you will certainly appreciate the ability to link the tasks in your favorite project management software to your online files effortlessly, with no need to coordinate your data in two disconnected systems.

To see the power and simplicity of Wrike’s new feature in action, go to your workspace and click on the “Files” tab of any task. You’ll see two new links, one for creating an online document and another for starting an online spreadsheet.

As soon as you pick a name for your newly created online file, you’re taken to your Google Docs account, where you can edit your document. You also can upload your existing files to share them with your team members online.

After you save the file in Google Docs, a link to this item appears in your task in Wrike.

From this moment, your team members who also have Google accounts can access the file from their Wrike workspaces, change it and download it to their computers. It’s that simple! But just imagine how much more productive your team work will become with no need to manage project-related data in two separate applications. Now you can organize your project files directly from Wrike!

Published by Valerie | Tuesday, 06 October, 2009
As you know, Wrike has a keyboard-friendly navigation that makes it easy for you to create and update tasks.

Today, we added a new shortcut for creating tasks inline: “C”. You simply click the right pane with the task list (1), hit “C” on your keyboard, and a new task is created (2). Then, you enter the task title (required), due date and the responsible person (optional) and hit “Enter.”

Why is this shortcut so special? It works well for Mac users!
As before, you can create tasks by hitting “insert” on your PCs.