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The Timeline goes live

Published by Valerie  |  Wednesday, 06 June, 2007
We have developed a Timeline, which is mostly known as a Gantt Chart. Now you can:

- have the big picture of parallel projects,
- track the work load of your team members, and
- create elegantly designed outlines of plans.

All these tasks are a huge challenge when using other online project management and collaboration tools, aren’t they?

Here is a short demo for you.

Some technical details.
The red flag marks the due date, and the floating bar chart represents the task duration. So you can easily drag a bar and thus change the start date of a task. To change the task duration, you only need to pull the bar’s borders. The red flag - the due date – keeps you from accidentally overstepping the deadline and doesn’t allow the bar chart to move outside of it.

1 Comment
  • Published by Bob, Friday, 14 September, 2007
    Now we're talking! Gantt chart was absolutely necessary here! The idea of email integration is neat, but you gotta work on more project management features.
    I love that the timeline is so quick to get, by the way.

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