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Popular App Shuts Down Soon: How to Safely Migrate Tasks into Wrike

Published by Dasha  |  Friday, 15 November, 2013
Customers and friends, you may have heard the recent announcement that the task management app is going to close soon. This software has been quite popular, so this news surprised us just like everyone else. To make things easier for everyone who relied on in their work, we took care to provide a transition option that will be both smooth and quick. Wrike developers have just built an importer specifically for tasks that simplifies the whole process to just a few clicks.

If there are active users amongst your colleagues and friends, please let them know that Wrike would be happy to accommodate their tasks and direct them to this post with the instructions below. Here are the easy steps for migrating tasks into Wrike.

For new users who don't have a Wrike account yet

Please, go directly to our import page: There, you can create a new Wrike account and launch the import in one click.

For users who already signed up for Wrike

If you already have an account in Wrike, you can import your tasks via a backup file. Please, follow these steps:
  1. In, use the new Export function to generate a file with your data (the file will have a .json extension). Please note, that the export feature is only available to admins and owners of accounts.
  2. When you login to Wrike, click on your Team's name in the left pane of the workspace (1).
  3. On the next screen, click on the Menu button marked with "…" in the middle pane (2). Choose Import -> from the dropdown menu (3).
  4. In the pop-up window, select the file you generated on Step 1. The import is now in progress. Just have a bit of patience – it can take a few minutes – and that's it! Then you can go straight to getting your tasks done.

In addition to the task info, your attached files, workspace and projects structure, tags and contacts will be safely imported, too. We've also taken care of your team. Other members of your account will get automatic invitations to Wrike.

As a warm welcome, we'd be glad to provide these newcomers with a special onboarding bonus. If you're one of them, just drop a note to our customer care team at and they'll set it up.

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